What are the Benefits of a Walk-in Bath?

Mobility issues can leave you feeling cut off from your own home. Everyday tasks such as bathing become problematic or even impossible. Standing in the shower for long enough to clean yourself, or climbing in and out of a bath, just isn’t realistic anymore.

Rather than give up bathing or showering altogether, consider having a walk in bath installed in your home. Doing so allows you to regain your independence and continue to bathe in a safe and comfortable way.

Walk in baths in Glasgow have many benefits. Here are a few reasons you should think about getting one fitted.

Bathe Safely

One of the main features of a walk in bath is the fact that it allows you to bathe safely. Climbing into a bath, or standing in the shower, can be risky, uncomfortable, or downright impossible. A walk in bath removes the obvious barriers that prevent you from bathing, allowing you to do so in a way that is comfortable for you. With a walk in bath, you minimise the risk of falling, slipping, or getting stuck.

Space Saving

Many designs of the walk in bath are more compact that a regular bath, because they are built to accommodate you in a comfortable seated position rather than lying down. You can even get models that fit in a space no bigger than a shower cubicle. Walk in baths usually come with a shower head attachment, so you only need the one unit to fulfil all your needs. We can even create a bespoke unit for you if you have an unusually shaped room or a lack of space.

Jets Massage and Soothe

Most types of walk in bath come with an air jet system that provides a soothing massage affect while you bath. Not only is this comfortable and relaxing, it can also help to ease any aches and pains you may have. Where using a traditional shower or bath can make any ailments feel worse, a walk in bath will make you feel better. It provides a relaxing experience that will make you fall in love with bathing again.

The Benefits of Walk in Baths

As mobility aids and equipment often used by impaired and disabled people, walk in baths are designed and manufactured to be very reliable, and finished to a high standard. As walk in bath fitters, we understand that the need for a walk-in bath is often brought about by a change in personal circumstances. That’s why we always listen to you. From our designers to our walk in bath fitters, we communicate clearly at each stage of the process and work with you to create your dream bathroom.

Get in touch today for more advice on choosing a walk in bath or for a no obligation quote.