Mobility Bathrooms - Tailored to Your Requirements

If you suffer from a lack of mobility you will know that even simple tasks such as using the bathroom can become large challenges. The average family bathroom isn’t well suited to your circumstances, making difficult tasks more complex than they need to be. Mobility bathrooms in Glasgow are those that are equipped with special technology and appliances to help you make your bathroom accessible and usable again.

Let’s take a look at some of the technology and fixtures you can get to help you recover your independence.

Disabled Toilets

Disabled toilets are specially designed and come with a range of accessories to allow you to retain your dignity and independence. They can make it possible for you to use the toilet without the assistance of a carer or family member. There are different types of disabled toilet for mobility bathrooms in order to suit different mobility needs, such as those with a higher pan so that you do not have to lower yourself down as far. You can also get toilets with a built-in backrest making them more comfortable to sit on, and there are a selection of different handrails available to install in different positions around the toilet so you always have support when sitting down, standing up, and lifting yourself in or out of a wheelchair.

Walk in Shower

Showering can present you several problems. Simply getting into a raised shower can be a challenge, and a showerhead that is mounted over bath can be impossible to access. Walk in showers are specially installed enclosures in wet rooms which require no change in floor height. There is no step up for you to make when getting in. Walk in shower seats can also be installed if you have trouble standing for a long period of time, and ceiling mounted showerheads with remote controls make it possible for wheelchair users to shower too. A gently sloping floor down to a drain ensures that water is removed rather than building up on the floor.

Walk in Bath

A bath can help to soothe your body, relax your muscles, and ease your pains. But climbing into a standard tub could be impossible. A walk in bath features a door that allows you to enter without any climbing involved. It provides a comfortable area to sit, and once safely inside you can fill the walk in bath up and enjoy a relaxing soak. Getting a walk in bath is a long-term solution which is far better than simply buying a bath seat or other accessories, or having to make do with showers or washing from a hand basin.

A Full Range of Mobility Bathrooms

Having mobility issues does not mean you should be denied simple dignities such as being able to use the toilet on your own, or have a nice relaxing shower or bath. With mobility bathrooms in Glasgow, you are put back in control, giving you one way of preventing your physical impairment from affecting your daily routine.

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