Questions to Ask When Hiring a Plumber

You don’t want to let just anyone enter your home and start mucking around with your pipes. Plumbing jobs can be disruptive, potentially requiring floors and walls to be dug up, kitchen cabinets to be removed, or furniture rearranged. One single mistake can see you needing to wear wellington boots in your own home, so you want to make sure you’ve got a professional on-the-job.

Here are some key questions you should ask plumbers in Glasgow before you decide to let them anywhere near your pipes.

Do you charge hourly or flat rates?

Some plumbers will bill you for the parts they use and the hours it takes to complete the job. Others will quote you a fee for the whole job. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. When you’re being charged by the hour, there’s always a risk that a plumber may try to make out the job is more complex than it is, in order to charge you a higher price for extra hours worked. Being charged a flat fee is good because it means you will know exactly how much the final bill will come to, making it easy to budget for any works.

How do you expect to be paid?

Once you know exactly how much the job is going to cost, you need to know when you will be expected to pay the money. Plumbers in Glasgow who expected to pay the full balance upfront should be avoided: you have no guarantee that they will complete the work. Many plumbers work on a milestone system, where you pay a portion of the outstanding balance every time an important stage of the job is completed. This means you only pay for work that gets done.

Are you licensed?

Not every plumber has a licence, but is best to choose one who does. There are probably great plumbers out there who aren’t licensed, but being registered with the relevant governing body means you have extra protection should anything go wrong.

Having a licence shows that the plumber works to a high standard, is competent, and complies with the relevant building regulations. If the plumber you hire isn’t licensed, and carries out work which breaks regulations or the law, you won’t have any protection because you chose to hire them.

Are you available for emergency callouts?

Should anything suddenly go wrong with your plumbing, you’ll want to get it sorted out as quickly as possible. It’s important to know the plumbers in Glasgow who are always on hand to help you out in the case of an emergency. Not only do you want to find out whether or not they offer 24-hour emergency service, you’ll also want to find out how much they charge for callouts.

Is your work guaranteed?

You don’t want to be paying twice for the same job if something goes wrong the first time round. When interviewing plumbers in Glasgow, make sure to ask what sort of guarantee they give for their work, and if they are insured.

Some plumbers may offer to return for free to fix any fault with their work within a certain period of time of being completed. Others may only guarantee certain jobs. If a plumber does offer a guarantee, make sure that it will be in writing so that it is legally binding.

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