Your Guide to Central Heating Systems

In this post we’re going to focus our attention on central heating systems and give a beginners guide to those who may be thinking about investing in a heating system for the first time.

What you’ll be looking for ideally, is a system that provides both hot water and heat for your home, but which type is right? You need to choose the central heating system that is right for your home and lifestyle, where you can save on energy and have hot water and heat on demand for both you and your family.

You don’t have to just go with the standard solution, take a look at our guide and make your own mind up as to what feels right for your home.


This is the most important part to consider, and you need one that’s efficient and able to convert at least 90% of its energy into heat.

Combi Boiler

A combi boiler comes with heating and also acts as a water heater, and the water heater takes priority over the heating requirements. It heats water instantly so it doesn’t need to store hot water. Smaller combi boilers won’t produce the amount of water that will be needed for a larger family, so a larger one may be more suitable.

There are different sizes of boiler. You don’t want one that’s too big as it will be expensive to operate. A moderately sized one may be better than a large boiler, or one that’s too small to produce the right amount of hot water. It might be a good idea to work out the required heat output and then add what you need in hot water. This should give you a better idea of what size of boiler you need for your home.

Gravity Fed Central Heating System

Before the popularity of Combi systems gravity fed central heating systems were the norm in most UK homes.

If you have an older house then you may well have one of these gravity fed systems. They are also known as conventional boilers, regular boilers or open vent boilers. They are sometimes called heat only boilers too, so if your plumber uses these terms, you know he/she are talking about gravity fed systems.

High Pressure Central Heating Systems

This uses a stored hot water system rather than producing it on demand. If you have a large family and you need lots of hot water at pressure then you may have found the ideal system. This type of system does require a certain skill to be able to install. A plumber or manufacture may refer to a high pressure system as a system boiler.

Plumbtastic Scotland – Central Heating System Providers

So there you have the main types of central heating systems, combination boilers (Combi), gravity fed and high pressure systems, all of which provide heating for your radiators, but all vary on water pressure and how they provide hot water.

If you have any more questions about central heating systems in general, or you’re trying to choose between the different central heating systems available, and you’re finding it difficult to make a decision, then get in touch with us here at Plumbtastic Scotland.

We’re more than happy to give you all the advice you need, we have many years’ experience in providing central heating systems to all our satisfied customers and we’d love to install yours. We can fit your central heating system safely and efficiently, leaving no mess but leaving you with peace of mind.