Common Boiler Repairs

A boiler needs to be regularly serviced so it doesn’t run into problems. If you’re living in a flat or rented accommodation, then your landlord should be making sure that the boiler is serviced in accordance with the law. If you’re unsure about this ask your landlord about it.

Boiler Problems

There are a number of problems your boiler can run into and you don’t want to be left with no hot water or heat once the freezing weather arrives. Not having any hot water or heat can be down to a number of issues such as a dodgy thermostat or the water pressure is too low. There could be problems with airlocks and valves, and unless you have your boiler regularly serviced, then you’re not going to know about any of this until it breaks down.

Leaking and Dripping

Leaking and dripping is a common problem and there could be a number of reasons behind this, if your boiler is leaking or dripping then please get in touch as soon as possible with your landlord.

Noises, Low Water Pressure

Any noises could be caused by air in the system or low water pressure, there is also the possibility of pump failure. If the pilot light goes out you could be looking at a broken thermocouple or a build-up of deposit, or a draught has blown the pilot light out.

Loss of Pressure, No Heat

Loss of pressure, frozen pipes, problems with the thermostat, kettling and boilers switching themselves off are common problems. Another common issue is radiators not coming on and heating up, often the only solution for this is flushing the system or chemically cleaning it – something that should only be done by a professional.

Boiler Repair Glasgow – Plumbtastic Boiler Repairs

Here at Plumbtastic we are a team of fully qualified and trained plumbers in Glasgow who are experienced with all modern boilers. If you need help, or you’re in any doubt as to the condition of your boiler, then get in touch with us here at Plumbtastic. We can answer all your questions, we’re here to help.

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Plumber

You don’t want to let just anyone enter your home and start mucking around with your pipes. Plumbing jobs can be disruptive, potentially requiring floors and walls to be dug up, kitchen cabinets to be removed, or furniture rearranged. One single mistake can see you needing to wear wellington boots in your own home, so you want to make sure you’ve got a professional on-the-job.

Here are some key questions you should ask plumbers in Glasgow before you decide to let them anywhere near your pipes.

Do you charge hourly or flat rates?

Some plumbers will bill you for the parts they use and the hours it takes to complete the job. Others will quote you a fee for the whole job. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. When you’re being charged by the hour, there’s always a risk that a plumber may try to make out the job is more complex than it is, in order to charge you a higher price for extra hours worked. Being charged a flat fee is good because it means you will know exactly how much the final bill will come to, making it easy to budget for any works.

How do you expect to be paid?

Once you know exactly how much the job is going to cost, you need to know when you will be expected to pay the money. Plumbers in Glasgow who expected to pay the full balance upfront should be avoided: you have no guarantee that they will complete the work. Many plumbers work on a milestone system, where you pay a portion of the outstanding balance every time an important stage of the job is completed. This means you only pay for work that gets done.

Are you licensed?

Not every plumber has a licence, but is best to choose one who does. There are probably great plumbers out there who aren’t licensed, but being registered with the relevant governing body means you have extra protection should anything go wrong.

Having a licence shows that the plumber works to a high standard, is competent, and complies with the relevant building regulations. If the plumber you hire isn’t licensed, and carries out work which breaks regulations or the law, you won’t have any protection because you chose to hire them.

Are you available for emergency callouts?

Should anything suddenly go wrong with your plumbing, you’ll want to get it sorted out as quickly as possible. It’s important to know the plumbers in Glasgow who are always on hand to help you out in the case of an emergency. Not only do you want to find out whether or not they offer 24-hour emergency service, you’ll also want to find out how much they charge for callouts.

Is your work guaranteed?

You don’t want to be paying twice for the same job if something goes wrong the first time round. When interviewing plumbers in Glasgow, make sure to ask what sort of guarantee they give for their work, and if they are insured.

Some plumbers may offer to return for free to fix any fault with their work within a certain period of time of being completed. Others may only guarantee certain jobs. If a plumber does offer a guarantee, make sure that it will be in writing so that it is legally binding.

For a complete plumbing service you can trust, get in touch with Plumbtastic Scotland today.

Your Guide to Central Heating Systems

In this post we’re going to focus our attention on central heating systems and give a beginners guide to those who may be thinking about investing in a heating system for the first time.

What you’ll be looking for ideally, is a system that provides both hot water and heat for your home, but which type is right? You need to choose the central heating system that is right for your home and lifestyle, where you can save on energy and have hot water and heat on demand for both you and your family.

You don’t have to just go with the standard solution, take a look at our guide and make your own mind up as to what feels right for your home.


This is the most important part to consider, and you need one that’s efficient and able to convert at least 90% of its energy into heat.

Combi Boiler

A combi boiler comes with heating and also acts as a water heater, and the water heater takes priority over the heating requirements. It heats water instantly so it doesn’t need to store hot water. Smaller combi boilers won’t produce the amount of water that will be needed for a larger family, so a larger one may be more suitable.

There are different sizes of boiler. You don’t want one that’s too big as it will be expensive to operate. A moderately sized one may be better than a large boiler, or one that’s too small to produce the right amount of hot water. It might be a good idea to work out the required heat output and then add what you need in hot water. This should give you a better idea of what size of boiler you need for your home.

Gravity Fed Central Heating System

Before the popularity of Combi systems gravity fed central heating systems were the norm in most UK homes.

If you have an older house then you may well have one of these gravity fed systems. They are also known as conventional boilers, regular boilers or open vent boilers. They are sometimes called heat only boilers too, so if your plumber uses these terms, you know he/she are talking about gravity fed systems.

High Pressure Central Heating Systems

This uses a stored hot water system rather than producing it on demand. If you have a large family and you need lots of hot water at pressure then you may have found the ideal system. This type of system does require a certain skill to be able to install. A plumber or manufacture may refer to a high pressure system as a system boiler.

Plumbtastic Scotland – Central Heating System Providers

So there you have the main types of central heating systems, combination boilers (Combi), gravity fed and high pressure systems, all of which provide heating for your radiators, but all vary on water pressure and how they provide hot water.

If you have any more questions about central heating systems in general, or you’re trying to choose between the different central heating systems available, and you’re finding it difficult to make a decision, then get in touch with us here at Plumbtastic Scotland.

We’re more than happy to give you all the advice you need, we have many years’ experience in providing central heating systems to all our satisfied customers and we’d love to install yours. We can fit your central heating system safely and efficiently, leaving no mess but leaving you with peace of mind. 

Why Have a New Kitchen Fitted?

The Importance of the Kitchen in the Home

The kitchen is the heart of every home. It’s where you meet at the end of the day and were you gather as a family to enjoy a family meal.

Every single member of the family will spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen, either cooking, working, talking or relaxing. It is therefore one of the most fundamentally important rooms in your home.

So, if you’re having kitchen fitters carry out work, you’ll want it to be perfect. You’ll want it to be the family hub, somewhere you can relax and unwind.

You may be either excited about the prospect of a new kitchen, or absolutely terrified at the thought of having that one special room in your home turned upside down by complete strangers.

Keep in mind that at the end of it, you’ll have a brand new kitchen to look forward to and if you keep the time you’re having your kitchen renovated in your diary, you’ll have plenty of time to prepare yourself.

The Benefits of a Kitchen Renovation

If you’re beginning to find that your kitchen isn’t really giving you everything you need anymore and cooking, eating and working in the kitchen is too much like hard work, then perhaps a kitchen renovation is long overdue. A new fitted kitchen that works for you and everything you do in there is well worth the effort.


Storage can quickly become an issue if you’ve lived in a particular house for some time and if you renovate, you’re going to find a whole new vista of opportunities in your kitchen. You can perhaps add new modern electrical outlets for new appliances, which also means you can move things around a bit. Add storage and ultimately, once you’ve finished, you can add value to your property as a result.

Tailored Spaces

Why not tailor the space to suit the way you use your kitchen – whether that’s cooking and entertaining friends, a more child friendly space, adding a specific dining area or making way for some sophisticated radio and TV appliances.


And last but not least you want your kitchen to reflect your personal tastes, after all both you and your family will be spending a good deal of time there, and you want it to be perfect. Why not tailor your kitchen to reflect, not only your own tastes, but the architectural style of the house, or to fit in with the overall style of your home.

A Good Fitted Kitchen Will Need Good Kitchen Fitters

If you’re seriously thinking renovating your kitchen and you’ve taken in all the points raised above, you may feel you’re now ready to go ahead. If that’s the case then you’re going to need reliable, qualified, experienced and well recommended kitchen fitters who can make that dream a reality. As kitchen fitters in Glasgow we’ve created the best fitted kitchens for all our clients and pride ourselves on our excellent work.

A lot of our work is found on recommendations and we have testimonials that speak of our reliability and craftsmanship. If you need to discuss things further, or you have questions regarding renovating your kitchen, then get in touch with us here at Plumbtastic, Scotland.

What are the benefits of having a new bathroom fitted?

A bathroom should be a place to relax and unwind after a busy day. It’s a place where you spend quite a bit of time in, a shower in the morning and then a shower or bath at night. But it isn’t just a place to bathe or wash, it’s also a place where you can spend valuable time composing yourself after a long day at work. If you're bathroom isn't living up to your expectations it may be time to call Plumbtastic's bathroom fitters in Glasgow.

A Tired Bathroom

If your bathroom is feeling a bit tired and isn’t really providing that area of comfort and relaxation you need, perhaps you’re considering new fitted bathroom.

There are plenty of advantages to having a new bathroom, as well as giving you a whole new reason to spend time in it, it could also help add value to your home.

Customise and Refit

Our bathroom fitters in Glasgow will create a space that suits your requirements. If you want to customise it to how you’d like it to look and feel, then why not? It’s your bathroom and it should therefore reflect your personal tastes.

A Safe Bathroom

Another factor that needs to be considered when you get the bathroom fitters in, is the safety aspect. If your current bathroom just doesn’t feel safe anymore, for whatever reasons, then that’s a perfectly valid reason for having a new one. If it’s an old bathroom in an old property, then it’s likely that there are certain aspects of your bathroom that don’t comply with current safety standards.


You may have also found that there’s simply not enough space anymore for you to move around in. If you’re family has increased and you’ve got more members all fighting for space in the bathroom, then perhaps it’s time to improve it. You may not be able to make the room physically bigger, but our bathroom fitters will be able to ensure the most is made of the space available.

By using fitted bathroom furniture you can create some really useful storage areas. You can have some elegant cupboards fitted that are both stylish as well as functional, allowing you to declutter the bathroom floor and shelving areas, giving your home a spacious and modern look.


Perhaps you like the idea of being able to listen to music in the bathroom or watch the TV safely. This is possible, and there’s no reason why you can’t have all the latest media in your bathroom too if you have it installed by our experienced bathroom fitters.


Once your bathroom has been refitted you can start to decorate your newly fitted bathroom. Choose colours that enhance the sense of space, especially if you’re trying to make the room look bigger. Go with white for a clean, fresh spacious look, or perhaps you might prefer a darker colour for a larger bathroom. You can go with something classic such as light pine or oak for the furnishings, or go with something really modern with black, silver and gold.

Plumbtastic - Bathroom Fitters Glasgow

If you’re thinking about having your bathroom refitted and you’d like to talk it through with professionals, then get in touch with us here at Plumbtastic. We’re professional bathroom fitters and we have many years’ experience. All the plumbers are fully qualified, so if you do decide to go with us, you're assured a professional finish and a safe, functional bathroom. 

What are the Benefits of a Walk-in Bath?

Mobility issues can leave you feeling cut off from your own home. Everyday tasks such as bathing become problematic or even impossible. Standing in the shower for long enough to clean yourself, or climbing in and out of a bath, just isn’t realistic anymore.

Rather than give up bathing or showering altogether, consider having a walk in bath installed in your home. Doing so allows you to regain your independence and continue to bathe in a safe and comfortable way.

Walk in baths in Glasgow have many benefits. Here are a few reasons you should think about getting one fitted.

Bathe Safely

One of the main features of a walk in bath is the fact that it allows you to bathe safely. Climbing into a bath, or standing in the shower, can be risky, uncomfortable, or downright impossible. A walk in bath removes the obvious barriers that prevent you from bathing, allowing you to do so in a way that is comfortable for you. With a walk in bath, you minimise the risk of falling, slipping, or getting stuck.

Space Saving

Many designs of the walk in bath are more compact that a regular bath, because they are built to accommodate you in a comfortable seated position rather than lying down. You can even get models that fit in a space no bigger than a shower cubicle. Walk in baths usually come with a shower head attachment, so you only need the one unit to fulfil all your needs. We can even create a bespoke unit for you if you have an unusually shaped room or a lack of space.

Jets Massage and Soothe

Most types of walk in bath come with an air jet system that provides a soothing massage affect while you bath. Not only is this comfortable and relaxing, it can also help to ease any aches and pains you may have. Where using a traditional shower or bath can make any ailments feel worse, a walk in bath will make you feel better. It provides a relaxing experience that will make you fall in love with bathing again.

The Benefits of Walk in Baths

As mobility aids and equipment often used by impaired and disabled people, walk in baths are designed and manufactured to be very reliable, and finished to a high standard. As walk in bath fitters, we understand that the need for a walk-in bath is often brought about by a change in personal circumstances. That’s why we always listen to you. From our designers to our walk in bath fitters, we communicate clearly at each stage of the process and work with you to create your dream bathroom.

Get in touch today for more advice on choosing a walk in bath or for a no obligation quote.

What are the Benefits of a Wet Room?

You may have heard people refer to a Wet Room in Glasgow many times, but you’re unsure as to what it means exactly. Perhaps you already know what it is, but you’re just weighing up the benefits of having one installed. Whatever the case, we can take you through the benefits of a wet room so you can make an informed decision on whether or not you want to go ahead and invest in one yourself.

What is a Wet Room – Why Should You Have One?

A wet room is an enclosed area for showering which, as opposed to a traditional bathroom, isn’t closed off in its own section. Naturally, if you are considering having one fitted you need to ensure it’s professionally waterproofed and safe from leaks, you’ll you also need to consider drainage.

You can decorate your new wet room in the same way you’d redecorate a new bathroom, the only difference is you won’t need to buy a separate screen for the shower. You could have the entire wet room tiled from ceiling to floor.

Wet Rooms Are Popular – But Why?

The reasons why wet rooms are so popular is because they’re ideal for small bathrooms. It can help create space in a small area too, and by getting rid of the bathroom and with no need for a separate shower cubicle and screen, you can create extra storage room.

Mobility Issues? – No Problem

As well as that, they’re great for those with disabilities, eliminating the need for anyone to step into a shower.

In terms of décor and style, the wet room is ideal for creating a fresh, modern minimalist look and you’ll find that Plumbtastic have a great range of styles and available, so you have plenty of options.

More Hygienic, Less Hard Work, Easier to Clean

Wet rooms are also much easier to clean with less bathroom furniture to consider.

Reputable Bathroom Fitters Glasgow

Plumbtastic has a great team of bathroom fitters who are qualified plumbers as well as expert builders. We can help you to create the perfect dream wet room with a high quality finish with your own bespoke design. So if your home has a particular theme, whether it’s classic or contemporary, you can match your wet room to the décor.

Bathroom Fitters With a Difference

Good communication and customer service come high on our list of priorities and we have a good reputation based on customer recommendation and word of mouth.

We can provide you with a clear schedule of work, an estimated completion date, and after you’ve made contact with us, we can come to your home and give you a no obligation quote and some professional advice. If what you’ve asked for isn’t possible, we can help make some practical suggestions and come up with something that’s as close as we can get to your original idea.

Customer Service, Customer Recommendation

We didn’t get to where we are today without putting our customers first, and with our professional, experienced team of wet room bathroom fitters, you’re guaranteed a professional job. Don’t leave it to chance, get in touch with us today at Plumbtastic and have your bespoke designed wet room installed. You’ll be glad you did. 

What are the Benefits of a Bathroom Renovation?

Thinking of bathroom fitting in Glasgow but haven’t made a final decision yet? It’s not easy as it involves a lot of upheaval and moving things around. However, you’ll soon begin realise that at the end of the day, once you’ve done it, you have a new, functional, modern bathroom that makes the most of space and light.

If you’re still unsure – let’s examine all the different ways you can benefit from having a bathroom renovation.

Bespoke bathroom – designed to the customer’s specifications

You can have your bathroom design exactly to your specifications, so you’ll have a bespoke bathroom that’s uniquely yours. This way you not only get a bathroom that’s unlike anybody else’s, you also get a bathroom that functions exactly to your family’s needs and requirements.

Trusted and qualified tradesmen equals bathrooms that are safe to use

When having your bathroom renovated, you need to know it’s safe both during and after its completion. That can only happen if you hire qualified trustworthy bathroom fitters in Glasgow that come with experience, knowledge and expertise. Plumbtastic are those people – we pride ourselves on our workmanship and we rely on customer satisfaction and recommendation. We’re not happy till you are and your bathroom is safe to use.

Maximise your bathroom space wisely regardless of its size

You want to make the most of the space your bathroom can provide, but even if it’s small, you still want to create space where there is none, and maximise all the space you have in a bigger bathroom. We can discuss this with you – go over the fine details and make sure the bathroom that you want is created with space and light in mind, so you can make the most of what’s there.

Modernise your bathroom with the latest technology

We have a team of qualified and experienced bathroom fitters in Glasgow who can provide workmanship to the highest standard, and all the latest in bathroom technology. Modernising it, makes your bathroom functional and more fun to spend time in.

A modern new bathroom can increase the value of your home

Renovating your bathroom rather than moving to a new property can not only save you money, but increase the value of your home.

Plumbtastic services = quality, reliability & bespoke design

We are one of the best bathroom fitters in Glasgow, and we pride ourselves on the qualified and experienced team we’ve managed to pull together over the years. We’ve always strived for the best and put customer service first and foremost on our list of priorities. We consider good communication, reliability and quality of service of crucial importance and we believe that listening to our customers is the key to our success.

Because we are one of the most successful bathroom fitters in Glasgow, we’re happy to come and give you a no obligation quote, listen to how you’d like your bathroom to look and feel, and talk about how to create the kind of bathroom you’d like to wake up to each day. Talk to us, we always listen.